About worship

WorshipWhen we worship, we ascribe worth, adoration, and praise to God.

During worship, we confess our sin and we surrender to the true God.

In worship, God engages with us and, in response, we engage with him.

When we worship God, we also engage with each other as his people.

Worship strengthens the Christian community, and the Christian community, with its shared memory, strengthens worship.

Worship reflects the mighty redemptive acts of God.

When we, God's people, worship with pure hearts and in authentic community, effective evangelism is a natural result.

The basic pattern for Christian worship includes gathering as a covenant community, proclaiming the Word, celebrating the Lord's Supper, and going to serve in the world.

Authentic worship has an intrinsically sacramental character. That means worship is a way we experience God's grace and participate in spiritual realities through the elements of worship.

When worshippers come from diverse backgrounds, we enrich each other's worship experience.